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Bagong bukas, bagong pag-asa 
Year: 2010 
Bahay Panatag, Bayang Matatag, Empowering Lives For A Resilient Philippines 
Year: 2012 
Call No: HD 72 U55.8 2012 
Bali declaration on population and sustainable development  
Year: 1992 
Barrio Luz: the impact of urbanization on the socio-economic structure and its socio-economic structure and its implication for institutional development 
Year: 1944 
Call No: HT 164 O44 1944 
Basic manual on how to operate an HIV resource centre 
Call No: RC 607 A26 B37 
Basic social services for all 1997 
Year: 1997 
Becoming two in one flesh: a book on human sexuality 
Year: 2000 
ISBN: 9715533329 
Call No: HQ 21 T3 c. 3 
Behavior modification: What it is and how to do it 
Year: 1978 
ISBN: 0130667870 
ISBN 13: 9780130667878 
Call No: BF 637 B4 M37 1978 
Behavioral Psychology for Teachers 
Year: 1977 
ISBN: 0060468130 
ISBN 13: 9780060468132 
Call No: LB 1051 V364 1977 
Behavioral Science and Human Survival 
Year: 1965 
Call No: CB 425 B45 1965