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Policy statements (Volume 30) 
Volume: 30 
The Public Manager: Official magazine of the career executive  
41st Summer Seminar on Population 
Year: 2010 
Call No: HB 849 2010 
Getting started with Flex 3 
Conveying concerns: women report on gender-based violence 
Year: 1995 
Call No: HV 6250.4 C6 P6 
CBMS network updates 
Year: 2009 
Training and Development Programs 
Call No: HV 40.5 T7 
Population reports: Helping women use the pill 
Year: 2000 
Oh God, why Sarah 
Call No: DS 686.6 A3 1998 
The Problems on the Utilization of Library Facilities by the College Students at the Palawan State College 
Year: 1988 
Call No: Z 684 C6